That Democracy Show
rlpaulproductions and WAMU - Washington, DC
How do American youth deal with politics, power, race, fairness and government? Comedy Central's Mo Rocca hosted this three-hour live special, giving youth a chance to discuss and argue their views of democracy and the culture it has spawned. During the show, listeners joined a live Webcast and online chat about democracy, and called in.

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Whose Vote Counts?
American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting - St. Paul, MN
In the last presidential election, as many as six million votes weren't counted because of antiquated voting machines and confusion at the polls. America pledged to overhaul its voting system, but are we ready for 2004? American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting try to find out. (51:45)

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Small Business Trumps Large in Political Giving
Marketplace - Los Angeles
The auto industry often ranks near the top of political giving -- but its the auto dealers whose checks often lead to a bigger payoff. And, the auto dealers have a larger role in local communities. Bill Poorman explores the role of small business in politics. (03:01)

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Cyber democracy and civic discourse
Minnesota Public Radio - St. Paul, MN
For years political observers have been lamenting the demise of old-style political discourse. The rise of the Internet and online community forums have given some people hope of luring increasingly disconnected public back into the political process. (05:49)

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Local News, Local Democracy
Good Radio Shows, Inc./Paul Ingles - Albuquerque, NM
Local broadcast news shapes what many people know about their community and about how to participate in their democracy. In this hour long special, producer Paul Ingles convenes two panels of national media experts and news professionals to debate how well local TV and radio news programs inform citizens. (59:00)

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