That Democracy Show
rlpaulproductions and WAMU - Washington, DC
How do American youth deal with politics, power, race, fairness and government? Comedy Central's Mo Rocca hosted this three-hour live special, giving youth a chance to discuss and argue their views of democracy and the culture it has spawned. During the show, listeners joined a live Webcast and online chat about democracy, and called in.

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Whose Vote Counts?
American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting - St. Paul, MN
In the last presidential election, as many as six million votes weren't counted because of antiquated voting machines and confusion at the polls. America pledged to overhaul its voting system, but are we ready for 2004? American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting try to find out. (51:45)

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The Rise and Fall of Third Parties
Minnesota Public Radio - St. Paul, Minn.
It's been 15 years since an American president was elected with more than 50 percent of the popular vote. Minnesota has provided some of the most fertile ground for third-party candidates in recent years. Jesse Ventura of the Independence Party held the governor's office for four years, and the Green Party has won some local races in the state. Despite that slim fingerhold, third-party and independent candidates struggle for their infrequent victories. (07:30)

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Revolution South of LA
KPCC - Southern California
Early this year, South Gate removed a corrupt government with a recall election. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman Lopez covered that race. In this feature, he returns to South Gate to see how the new democracy is working. (08:21)

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The Religious Roots of American Democracy
Speaking of Faith - St. Paul, MN
With conversation, readings, music, and sound, host Krista Tippett explores the religious impulse in American democracy with philosopher Jacob Needleman. Needleman took a sounding of the inner beliefs of the American founders. His thought-provoking findings suggest how Americans today might fill familiar patriotic sentiments with new meaning. (53:00)
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