That Democracy Show
rlpaulproductions and WAMU - Washington, DC
How do American youth deal with politics, power, race, fairness and government? Comedy Central's Mo Rocca hosted this three-hour live special, giving youth a chance to discuss and argue their views of democracy and the culture it has spawned. During the show, listeners joined a live Webcast and online chat about democracy, and called in.

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Whose Vote Counts?
American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting - St. Paul, MN
In the last presidential election, as many as six million votes weren't counted because of antiquated voting machines and confusion at the polls. America pledged to overhaul its voting system, but are we ready for 2004? American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting try to find out. (51:45)

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Switching Sides
The Next Big Thing/WNYC - New York City
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg did it. Condoleezza Rice did it. Winston Churchill did it - twice. There are countless reasons why politicians switch parties - convenience, opportunities, ideology, geography... but what about ordinary people? In a country where party affiliations are often lifelong and handed down through generations, the change can be huge and divisive.

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Campaign finance, European-Style
Marketplace - Los Angeles
As opposed to the lucre-soaked U.S. political process, not quite as much money flows in European election campaigns. So, what kinds of advantages do politicians use to get around campaign finance rules? And, what do astute political observers across "The Pond" say about the American way? Stephen Beard reports. (03:44)

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Dissent and Democracy
Chicago Public Radio - Chicago, IL
Dissent has long been a powerful element of democracy - from the Boston Tea Party to civil disobedience in the 1950s and 1960s, from book burnings to flag burnings. For many, the right to dissent, without fear of repercussion, is a definitive hallmark of a democratic system. In this two-hour special edition of Odyssey, host Gretchen Helfrich and her guests engage in a comprehensive exploration of the role of protest in a democratic state.
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