That Democracy Show
rlpaulproductions and WAMU - Washington, DC
How do American youth deal with politics, power, race, fairness and government? Comedy Central's Mo Rocca hosted this three-hour live special, giving youth a chance to discuss and argue their views of democracy and the culture it has spawned. During the show, listeners joined a live Webcast and online chat about democracy, and called in.

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Whose Vote Counts?
American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting - St. Paul, MN
In the last presidential election, as many as six million votes weren't counted because of antiquated voting machines and confusion at the polls. America pledged to overhaul its voting system, but are we ready for 2004? American RadioWorks and the Center for Investigative Reporting try to find out. (51:45)

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The Booming Line-Standing Business
National Public Radio - Washington, D.C.
One example of money's crucial role in Washington can be seen outside any important congressional hearing: paid line-standers, who often wait overnight to get seats for those lobbyists who can afford their services. It's a regular business, with wranglers who hire and supervise standers - and provide them with a regular paycheck. NPR's Peter Overby reports.
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Fourth Estate or Fourth Branch?
On the Media/WNYC - New York City
Thomas Jefferson once remarked, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free... it expects what never was and never will be." During this special edition of On The Media, we examine the role of media - its successes and failures - in informing a democratic nation.
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Democracy on the Block
WFUV - New York City
John Flansburgh of the band They Might Be Giants moonlights as a tour guide in this sound-rich, music-filled hour looking at informal, overlooked and sometimes quirky democracies. Stops on the tour include a playground, a coop apartment building, and Coney Island's freak show. New Yorkers explain why their mini democracies work in their communities, and how they fit into the ever-changing American democracy. (59:00)

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